A Love Letter to My Full Self

We must be
what we are.*

Come, OtherWise–
you who understand.
and dance
in your OtherWisdom
with joy.
For, you
have been called.

Feel it.
Do not be afraid.
You are not alone.
We are one–
just as we are many.
we have been waiting
for you.

You who are bearers of OtherWisdom.
Pressed to conform
to the geography of the world
which tries to define us.
Lost in forgotten cracks
and fissures of Between.

Words fall short.


Breathe in Wholeness,
for our broken places
do not own us.
Breath in Wisdom,
for we know that which we are not.
Breath in Bravery,
for the Living
and the Loving,

Invite us to transformation.
To die to life as we know it
and live into this OtherPlace.
For, the first places we have journeyed from
are incapable of sustaining us.
We must be reborn,
to live again.

We belong to OtherWise:
Both spirit and flesh.
Both male and female.
Where reality, logic, structure,
with fantasy, magic,
Occupy the boundary
between two places.
At crossroads
and through transition.
Where things
(too often)
thought of
are integrated and made whole.

It does not exist at all
(so we are told).
The improbable
and indeed impossible
hidden from the authorities
who have disallowed it.
Exploding their definitions
and inviting us all
to be transformed.

Where the valley meets an embankment.
The line between properties.
Where a fence divides and defames.
The Spirit of the Mountain crashes through

There we stopped.
Sure that we were wrong,
certain that we had gone astray,
dejected and disinvited.
In this impossible,
improper place.
Caught between
living and dying.

In that place, the OtherWise call us home.

There we must listen to the Stones,
to the Trees,
who have borne witness
through the generations.
Do not let our lost be forgotten.
Listen for the whisper
from the Water
and the Wind.

Sing with the chorus of their cries.

Trust the Wisdom that comes.
And in so doing,
bring our sacred offering.

We will be challenged
to know ourselves,
They will demand
that you cooperate,
and behave.
For they will be frightened
by their shadow.
Do not give in
to the fear
they ask of you.

Take faith in the impossible
for it is real.
We have a world
all our own.
Tenuous and light.
Filled with joy
(rising up beyond sorrow).
Some will say
But resist their
Hold this vision
when others cry delusion.

Live boldly.
See differently.
Bear the sacred wisdom of transformation.
is OtherWise.

Welcome home,
Your search
is over.
A fresh
before you.
Explore this place
with glee
and holy trepidation.

For, it is sacred
the OtherWise within you.
And you are sacred,
dwelling in this place.

*With thanks to Raven Kaldera for his letter “For Transgendered Spirit-Workers

©2016 Chris Paige. All Rights Reserved.

With gratitude for my fairie godmother, Sister Merry Peter, and OtherSiblings from the Mountain.

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