What a year 2013 has been
in the last hours of this year
I’ve been reflecting n talking
2 those close n dear 2 me
around ministry, family bio n extended
n my place in the world…

1thing I know is that
thru everything
the good the bad n even the real real ugly
that transpired in my life
and on my journey in 2013
I never lost my Praise…

I can’t comprehend it but I didn’t…
it’s my hope n prayer that 2014
is my year of blessings
n super natural movement
for the advancement of the Divine..

no more delay..
no more distractions..
no more descent…
no more diversions …
no more dout…
No More….

to my families of blood n extended n chosen …..
tribe members..
church associations …
Trans community connections..
n those of you connected to me thru my journey

if in 2013
I offended you or hurt your spirit
know that I’m sorry
n that I’m striving to be a better vessel
on this walk we call life….

Bobbie Jean Baker’s last Facebook post
December 31, 2013, 11:21pm Pacific Time

(She wrote this
and then she transitioned.
A few hours, minutes, moments later
the rest of us were weeping,
but she was Home..

She was ready.
We were not.

2014 went quick for her,
a few minutes you could count

2014 ran much too long for many
of us left behind
without her)


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