What if the story
I’d been telling
All this time
Wasn’t true

What if I survived
By pretending
I wasn’t

What if I buried
Like a dog
With a bone

Better to cover it in dirt

At least
No one
Could steal it away

I needed time
To get ready
For this ride

But now I want to jump the rails
Reroute the track
And set another course

I want to rebuild this house
With broken windows
And a leaky roof
To let the wind and rain
Have its way
With me

I want
To taste
Dirt in my mouth
From sucking on Truth

I know it doesn’t
Make sense
I don’t want to make sense anymore

I don’t want to be so scared
Of frightening the children
That I forget
How to live

This is my reality check

Those dry bones
Calling me from under the ground
Are the only thing that ever kept me

I don’t want to care what people think

When I am curled up in the corner
In quiet moments of desperation
Those people never show up
To comfort me anyhow

So let them run
Maybe I am
Too much
For the light of day

I would rather
Howl at the moon
Let the planets move me
Be driven with the wind at my back

Let my allegiance
Be to such Mysteries

Worth taking risks
For whatever This is
That sustains me
When all else fails

Let the dead bury the dead
Numb and full of common sense

© 2016 Chris Paige. All rights reserved.


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