Open Heart

by Louis Mitchell

My open heart has questions.
My open heart has fears.
My tender heart has visions,
clouded by my tears.

My heart knows that I’m worthy.
My head says it’s not so.
The world does not adore me.
My “face” value is far too low.

I’m not the one in posters,
movies, mags, the press.
I’m not your typical hotness.
Friends, you’ll not impress.

But should you seek a boldness,
fierce and true and kind,
a willing, open sojourner
with wit and a sharp mind,
you might just find a gemstone
hidden deep, just out of sight.
You might find beauty, courage,
sweetness, in shadow and in light.

Though I’ll not fit the template
of who you thought you’d date,
I’m chock full of surprises and
definitely worth the wait.

This prose is for the lonely ones.
We wait just to be sought.
We wade through a shallow world
unlearning what we’ve been taught.

We wait for you to see us,
to value what we bring.
Our tears and songs and artistry
bring life to everything.
And if/when we die alone
unclaimed sans adoration,
remember that you walked away
from every invitation.

© 2016 Louis Mitchell. All  rights reserved. Shared here with permission from the author.


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