So many
I have told


Gentle stories of comfort
And gratitude for shelter from the storm

Hopeful stories about friendship
And just wanting to tell you everything

Sweet stories about desire
And how it feels to love you


Stoic stories about patience
And how we are grown and have responsibilities and work to do

Old stories about possibility
And how I needed to learn to be content with… nothing

Silent stories about bodies
And memories that make me leave myself behind


Neurotic stories about attachment
And how having so many feelings probably isn’t healthy

Disappointing stories about freezing up
Words catching in my throat

Familiar stories about being messy
And too much for anyone to ever stay


Brave stories about courage
And how I am trying not to give up
On me
Or you

Silly stories about finally
Getting over myself because this is ridiculous and it can’t actually be anywhere near as complicated as I am making it

Tender stories about trusting you
To believe that
You might be able to understand
Even if I got it all wrong

© 2016 Chris Paige. All rights reserved.


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