Claim Who You Are

I’ve never fit in. As far as I can remember, I’ve always made people uncomfortable.

Don’t get me wrong, I had supportive and flexible white liberal parents in the 1970s and they taught me I could grow up to be anything I wanted to be. But they literally couldn’t imagine all that would entail.

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Beyond “Brothers and Sisters”

In times of stress many people, religious leaders as well as regular folk, often invoke a sense of community by calling on “brothers and sisters.” However, many people who fall into the category of non-binary gender do not identify as male or female, brother or sister.  That binary language leaves us out.

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White parents and white kids discuss race

My child is not white, so this is not my experience per se. But someone asked me today about resources for white parents wanting to talk with their white kids about race. I thought I would save the links from a quick search here. I am glad to add additional recommendations, prioritize, etc based on feedback.

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