White parents and white kids discuss race

My child is not white, so this is not my experience per se. But someone asked me today about resources for white parents wanting to talk with their white kids about race. I thought I would save the links from a quick search here. I am glad to add additional recommendations, prioritize, etc based on feedback.

The 6-Step Guide to Raising Anti-Racist White Kids as a White Parent (Link)

Donald Trump has won the presidency; what do we tell our children? (Link)

6 Things White Parents Can Do to Raise Racially Conscious Children (Link)

Talking About Racism With White Kids (Link)

We cannot walk alone: The White parent’s role in ending racism (Link)

The Hard Talk: White Parents Discussing Racism with White Children (Link)

Dear White Parents Of My Black Child’s Friends: I Need Your Help (Link)

‘Only White People,’ Said the Little Girl (Link)

White Supremacy Culture (Link)

Embrace Race (RAISING KIDS IN A WORLD WHERE RACE MATTERS): At EmbraceRace, we are building an online community to discuss and share best practices for raising and caring for kids, all kids, in the context of race. (Link)

Being Black at School (A movement for equity and safety for Black students): Being Black at School is a national nonprofit advocacy organization focused on addressing the complexities of being a Black student in the American education system. Our mission is to utilize data and policy analysis to foster a movement for schools that are safer and more equitable for Black students. (Link)

Teaching Tolerance (Link)

CUP Children Uprooting Privilege on Facebook: Tools and questions to help raise children with the coping skills, knowledge base, emotional strength, and awareness to disarm their own privilege. (Link)


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