Psalm 8 (revised)

Creator God,
Maker of music and majesty,
You have set before us Life,
In the tender touch of our loved ones,
And in the bounty of the natural world.

Indeed, you lead us,
As we struggle
Through deep valleys and high mountains, both.
You have flattened our paths
So that we might travel unfettered
As we make our way
Through your Cosmos full of mystery.

Who are we 
To proclaim
Our daring existence
In the face of such wonders?

Who are we 
Not to proclaim
All the potential and possibility
That you have fashioned
Within and among us?

May we embrace the fullness
Of the opportunities you have set before us
Drenched in diversity
Of skills and abilities, 
Of language and culture and tradition,
Of time and place and season.

May we be responsible and response-able
In the face of your delicate handiwork.

Let us respond 
Steeped in the anticipation 
That only faith can offer.

Let us respond
To the invitations 
Of God, our ancestors, and the children yet to come,
By letting ourselves 
Fully present 
As partners with one another 
In this Great Dance.


(c) 2021 by Chris Paige. All Rights Reserved.

Written for Drew Theological School chapel September 2021. Based on Psalm 8 and several modern sources.


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