For Each of You

by Audre Lorde
in From a Land Where Other People Live

Be who you are and will be
learn to cherish that boistrous Black Angel that drives you
up one day and down another
protecting the place where your power rises
running like hot blood
from the same source
as your pain.

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The Difference Between

The difference between poetry and rhetoric
is being ready to kill
instead of your children.

~ Audre Lorde

Somehow, I always expect
my life
to turn out like a story.
A great novel, with beginning, middle, and end.
Characters enter and are made useful.
It’s supposed to make sense.

But it’s really more like a poem.
A work of art.
My own sketch book, tracing the contours of Being.
Evocative, but not necessarily

The clean, order I expect,
is, in its own way, the stuff of imagination.
Only in my head.

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