Claim Who You Are

I’ve never fit in. As far as I can remember, I’ve always made people uncomfortable.

Don’t get me wrong, I had supportive and flexible white liberal parents in the 1970s and they taught me I could grow up to be anything I wanted to be. But they literally couldn’t imagine all that would entail.

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The Light

Not theologically correct for Holy Week, but it’s been a while since I cared much about being theologically correct. The song moves me — though I’m less fond of the heteronormative story the video tells.

Lyrics by Disturbed

Like an unsung melody
The truth is waiting there for you to find it
It’s not a blight, but a remedy,
A clear reminder of how it began
Deep inside your memory
Turned away as you struggled to find it
You heard the call as you walked away
A voice of calm from within the silence
And for what seemed an eternity
You wait and hoping it would call out again
You heard the shadow beckoning
Then your fears seemed to keep you blinded
You held your guard as you walked away

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Love Thyself: Exodus, Trinity, and OtherWise

The Rev. Dr. Kelli Brown Douglas manages to sum up several threads of what I call OtherWise — woven right up in there among that (annoying) Christian theology (which I can neither tolerate nor ignore).

To move to be free.

To vision beyond the binary
to see what is really there.

To address privilege
and be in solidarity
with the crucified of our time.
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Dear you who needs this tonight

Dear you who needs this tonight–

I know it’s hard.
It’s always and not always hard.
I see you.
It’s worth it.
The rest of our stories don’t want to go on without you.
Forget the excuses and forgive your mistakes.
There’s not enough time and we are too small and godlike to be petty.

All you need ever be is light–and when you can only manage to recognize the dark know that we are here.
Waiting for you.
Reaching for you.
Stretching out with arms and love made of that light.
Last long enough to reach us.
We will hold you and nurture your Strong.
We can do this–together.

I may not know you,
but I can promise you with all sincerity
that I am here and I have love for you.

I’ll see you in the morning for breakfast.
Find peace.
Always and deeply love.

© 2016 Susan M. Peiffer. All rights reserved. Published with permission of the author.